VR Modelling day 3

Today has been a good day in the VR world! I started out the day with Ingrid showing me some more of the controls which was EXTREMELY useful. We practised for a while and figured out how to use the mirror plane feature. This saved me potentially hours of time while sculpting. My task for the day was to sculpt onto the head stamp with out using the feature stamps, but instead sculpting them from scratch. I recorded the whole thing and took photos of the finished work.

This sculpt took me about 2 hours to complete, in real clay this probably would have taken me most of a day. Which just goes to show the potential of the programme.

I am extremely pleased with my progress today, I’ve learnt a lot and progressed much quicker after Ingrid’s help. Moving forward i’m excited to see what else I can do on this magical VR programme!

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