VR modelling day 2

Ive tried to reopen the head I was working on yesterday to add more features to it but for some reason the new layers i’m adding wont let stamps come out clearly so i’m using google to try and teach me what i’m doing wrong…

Ive figured out that there is a cube for each layer to work in by selecting the layer you can move the layer to where you want to work.

Ive gotten to this stage with this practice head and decided the way im doing it is not working but im pleased with the progress ive made. See below:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 15.56.10

For my next project my aim is to figure out how to use the mirror tool ive seen on tutorials which will make my sculpt symmetrical automatically and save me time by not having to sculpt both halves separately.

Im also going to try and work all in one layer so that i can blend the clay together so it looks cohesive.

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