Assessment feedback

I just got out of my assessment tutorial with Jon and Ingrid, they told me they had hoped to see more of a final outcome at this point rather than a small 3D print marquette. This is because my ideas and plans are so large that a small model cannot do it justice. They told me to focus on my visual narrative and how am I going to go from these small scale designs to something large and high quality. I planned to CNC some foam in order to render into large scale objects, but happily my feedback was don’t rely on CAD too heavily and utilise it where appropriate. It should be used to aid me not hold me back and my strengths lie in hands on craft. For large scale carnival esque performance objects this style is often better.

My tasks for over christmas is to be making designs and ideas, as well as gathering materials for my final outcomes. By the time we come back after christmas I hope to have a small scale marquette complete as a starting point of my ideas. I will be planning this project in the hope of performing with the masks at festivals this summer.

Research and development final statements

Evaluative statement:

For the Bowl project I focused on the conceptual aspect, with the video as my main outcome rather than the bowl itself. Because of this, the advert belongs as an art piece in a gallery or potentially as a spoof advert in public somewhere, but is definitely a critical art piece. I wanted to produce a product to mock consumer culture, focusing on sustainable practice, using recycled plastic. A large part of my research for the project was experimenting with how I can manipulate different types of discarded plastics into a new product. The largest issue I encountered in this project was the planning of my advert to guarantee my message came across. I spent a long time writing and rewriting my story board for the advert before filming in order to ensure the message would be portrayed clearly without the need of the statement. I am really pleased with this final outcome as it conveys my message clearly in a humorous way, as I desired. If I had more time I would have tried to improve the quality of the final bowl, although having a shoddy bowl product helped convey the message that these fad consumer products are rubbish. 

For the second project I focused more on improving my professional, practical, skills. Originally I wanted to focus on sculpting and mould making skills, however in order to produce the hyper-realistic illusion mask I desired it quickly became apparent using CAD would be the best path to take. So I decided to practice both sculpting and CAD skills alongside each other to show how both skills in theory could come together, once my CAD skills were perfected, to create the final outcome I have designed. The largest issue I encountered with this project was definitely trying to wrangle the VR software. I have never been a fan of CAD and I was definitely a novice at the start of this project. However, now I feel confident using the programme and I have really enjoyed stepping into the VR world. I had some real issues at the start when first trying to teach myself how to use the software but once I got the basics things started to speed up. Although the potential of VR modeling is immense I found it temperamental and often unreliable. At the start of the project I lost a week of work time because the software needed updating. Then towards the end of the project I lost an entire days work when the software crashed and lost the sculpt I had done. Overall I am happy with my final 3D prints. Although not the mask I was hoping to end the project with my skills have improved no end and that is hugely valuable. Moving forward I would want to improve my sculpting skills int VR and apply finer detail before printing. I see the potential final mask prosthetic, being at home on a movie set or for an immersive theatre piece at a festival or event.  


Statement of intent: 

Moving forward I want to further my professional, practical, skills around mask making specifically, I’d like to improve my sculpting and mould making skills. I plan to produce a detailed latex mask, continuing with the skills I have already started learning during this project. I also feel I’d like to make something on a larger scale, having a progression series of masks as my final exhibition. I have been inspired by my dissertation research around African masks. In these societies the term mask is referred to the entire outfit not just the covering of the face. So taking this concept forward i’d like to produce a large scale mask that would cover a large portion of the body. Turning the mask into an almost puppet like, full costume. To do this I aim to improve my CAD skills and potentially work with foam and a CNC machine rather than 3D printing. I surprised myself  by how much I enjoyed the video portion of the bowl project and I think it was a strong aspect of the module. So for future projects id like to produce a performing object/ mask/ costume that could be immortalised by video. I often work towards an end performance but I would like to have a video of an example performance to be exhibited alongside my final pieces to give context of the work to the viewer. The added benefit of this would be that I can advertise my vision to potential future employers with a high quality recording of my performance objects in action. My aim is to one day be hired by a theatre company to help build and even perform in theatrical events, for this I will need to have high quality documentation of my skills. 

Final 3D print

Realised the reason the other prints was not fully printing might be because I had not selected the support option. So here is my final 3D print of my augmented head.

I went back over it and pulled off all the supports to make it cleaner.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.59.05Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.59.17Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.59.29

I am extremely happy with this final print and how far ive come and the amount of new skills i’ve learnt!


VR Modelling day 6

Today the software was being a lot less temperamental and i managed to work quickly and smoothly. I imported my 3D scan of my head in as a mesh again and used the custom feature stamps I made whilst attempting this sculpt the other day before it crashed. Here is the result:

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.54.41Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.54.07Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.54.51

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.54.30

I am pleased with the outcome but I worry the features aren’t well defined because the 3D scan wasn’t high resolution enough.  In future it might be easier to try and get a higher resolution scan to begin with as I believe upping the resolution on Medium was what was crashing the system before.

I opened the sculpt into CURA and made all the relevant adjustments, this sculpt came to 68g’s.

No face mask in action

I got a mask cast I was happy with and so went about trying to get some images of how it might be used in context with the potential performance I am proposing.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.45.56

I painted the mask with foundation to make it match my skin tone and amplify the realism.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.46.49

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.47.09

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.47.37

Here im trying to convey the sadness this character might feel now their features have been stolen from them for cosmetic purposes.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.48.47

Here i’m staging the protest segment that would feature in the performance I am preposing. I want to highlight the dangers of the cosmetic industry but in a dystopian type setting, where measures are taken to new levels of extreme in the name of beauty. A possible insight into our future. A peek into what we could become if we don’t stop ourselves from exploiting the venerable for the cosmetic industry.



No face mask – attempt 3

After my first 2 attempts i was fairly certain i knew the correct process for making my latex mask. Originally i planned on making a 2 part plaster mould but after my research I realised that professionally they would use a 1 part plaster mould with a slip casting process. I decided to try both from one mould to see if the 2 part would work.

Here is the sculpt:

Mould making in progress:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 16.18.36

Finished mould:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 16.34.57

Two part mould process:

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.41.21

Here ive poured latex into the mould and left it upright to dry. I left it over night and it was still wet on the inside when i removed it. The plaster draws moisture out of the latex touching it. making a skin around the outside of the cast but leaving the latex in the middle unable to dry. when pulling the mask from the mould the latex skin ripped and the liquid ran out from the middle making the cast deformed.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.42.12

latex slip casting process:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 16.40.23

I plugged the pour hole with clay and poured the latex in. I did 2 tests one for 25 minutes and one for 45. The 45 minute one seemed to be the best thickness. Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 14.43.35




Trials and Tribulations

The past 2 days has been a real struggle. Yesterday I scanned my head in as a 3D image with Ingrid. I spent the rest of the day figuring out how to build custom stamps from my own features to replicate the same effects I have been doing with preset stamps on Oculus Medium. It was a much longer and tedious process compared to the other methods as the scan of my head wasn’t very high definition so i had to go in and add detail to the features before they could be used as stamps. This was particularly difficult as I needed to make sure to keep the likeness of the features while sculpting.

About 4 or 5 hours later I was just coming to the end of the finished sculpt and just as I was checking it to make sure it was finished all the way around, the programme crashed and restarted!!!! I lost an entire days work.


Today I wanted to get my latex mask cast from my new plaster mould. I was about to pour my mask when Martin suggested I put the mould in the drying cupboard first to help draw the moisture from the latex. As I was loading the mould into the cupboard it slipped and one of the eyes broke off. This is also a huge set back but again another learning curve!

Always be careful while transporting plaster, it is brittle!!

There are also several scratches on the surface from where i accidentally caught it on my nails while cleaning the mould.


First 3D print outcome

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 16.12.55

My 3D print failed towards the end of its print. I was advised that this happened for a few reasons.

1. was very cold so may have affected the tension in the filament and pulled it out of place.

2. the base of my sculpture wasnt flush with the floor of the printer so it started to rock the more top heavy it became.

3. in future put a very very thin layer of pritt stick on the base of the 3D printer to help keep the model in place as it prints.

I am pleased with the part that had printed. It came out clean and defined.

I’ve put my second sculpt in to 3D print today adding the layer of pritt stick to help keep the print secure. Hopefully this one will print fully.  For this print it will use 48g of filament.