Poems for my artists book

I wanted to use a excerpt from my dream blog in my book to help explain where the design originates.

” I traveled to thousands and thousands of other alternative dimensions some very similar to ours but each time I opened that black door way I stepped further and further away from my original reality. Each one slightly stranger, slightly more horrible than the last. One where body shoppers were the biggest risk of all and everyone was always scared they would have a leg or an organ cut from them like someone snatching your phone from your hand. People would buy and sell body parts like phone upgrades and the poor would be sold to the rich. People who could afford for such modifications looked like beautiful yet grotesque patchwork monsters.”

(link to dream blog : https://mysecretentrancetowonderland.wordpress.com/)

I went back to what I wrote at the time and it was a little dark, the project has grown from this seed of an idea but isn’t represented by the original text anymore. So I decided to write a poem called patchwork people to help define the design concept a little better:

Patchwork people

I dreamt of another world, 

where everyone was patched together,

Stitched and sewn with only the best,

To keep themselves  beautiful forever.


What a sight stood before me,

I looked at it and thought it sickly,

“Don’t change yourself!” I gasped,

But then, who was I to judge so quickly?


Thoughts and feeling on my face,

Like words of a story,

Tell the tale to of who I am

To those  that sit before me. 


I admit , I exaggerate truths,

And skip boring parts of the journey

Just to please those watching,

and see what it could earn me. 


We don’t just tell our story,

We act every inch of this task,

And what else is an actor,

But a man in a mask?


Smiles and frowns stitched together,

To help us tell this sermon,

So in essence aren’t we each 

Just a patchwork person?

This poem explains the style and design choices I made whilst referencing Erving Goffman’s front stage/ back stage sociology theory. Explaining whimsically how we we are all actors on the world stage wearing masks everyday.

Im really happy with this poem but it does not explain all of the concept so I wrote another called liberation to encapsulate the rest:


Like a prisoner and his jailer,

Shackled by audiences watchful eyes,

I don’t  dance or lark about,

For fear others may scrutinise 


My every action big or small,

I feel is judged so I curb my fun,

Hiding in the shadows Like the ant,

through the looking glass is scared of the sun.


The lack of liberation,

To me is really such a pity,

So I went to find the cure,

And found its simply Anonymity!


The mask is a healer,

imbued with a shamans wisdom,

saved from normality

masked we have limitless freedom!


Great power is held in such a simple object,

like spark to flame or a witches incantation,

we evoke the main quality of the mask,

the power of transformation.


Disguise IS liberation.

With no expressions we move with intensity,

a visual language

to portray true identity.

This poem explains how the mask liberates us from normal societal constraints and allows us to act with out fear of reprehension. I also made reference to the original esoteric and ritualistic origins of the mask as each and every mask has this healing and liberating quality when worn. I also reference Edward Gordon Craig’s universal visual language and how the masks power of transformation along with this allows us to become the truest form of ourselves.







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