First 3D print outcome

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 16.12.55

My 3D print failed towards the end of its print. I was advised that this happened for a few reasons.

1. was very cold so may have affected the tension in the filament and pulled it out of place.

2. the base of my sculpture wasnt flush with the floor of the printer so it started to rock the more top heavy it became.

3. in future put a very very thin layer of pritt stick on the base of the 3D printer to help keep the model in place as it prints.

I am pleased with the part that had printed. It came out clean and defined.

I’ve put my second sculpt in to 3D print today adding the layer of pritt stick to help keep the print secure. Hopefully this one will print fully.  For this print it will use 48g of filament. 

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