Bowl Project – Initial research

Over the summer I worked a lot with old bike tires to create a costume for a walk about performance promoting sustainability, through recycling. During this time I realised what a surplus of this material there is going to waste and how versatile it can be! I really fell in love with the material during this project and so i’ve been inspired by the material itself to stimulate ideas for this bowl project, as well as my potential future projects.

I have been looking at how other artists have utilised this material as inspiration. such as Yong Ho Ji ‘s recycled tire sculptures which I touched upon in my pecha kucha:

What I really love about this work is how he deconstructed the tire to create amazingly detailed natural forms with an extremely industrial material.

Also Wim Delvoye ‘s carved tire sculptures:

Image result for wim delvoye

In contrast to Yong Ho Ji’s work, Delvoye’s sculptures celebrate the material in a different way. Acknowledging  the materials original function by carving upon its surface rather than deconstructing it all together.

Both methods are extremely interesting and inspiring to me.

During my Erasmus year in Germany I had the pleasure of working with Katrin Mayer and being taught by Ilka Becker who are amazing artists. Katrin Mayer used rubber as a focal point of a collaborative exhibition they both contributed separate works to.

The exhibition was called Field of Codes.

Katrin Mayer’s work dealt with the history of the exhibition space, that formerly housed the Kölnische Gummifäden factory, which used to produce rubber. The background serves as a trigger to use the material rubber to set an associative strand of thoughts in motion – from the haptic experience that ends in into the fetish, to the environmental questions of the rubber extraction and the military apparatus, in whose service the research and development of the material stood.

I love this artwork especially as it examines the raw materials history, where it is sourced and the ethics of its production. I’m very interested in making a sustainable product and so I can take the information from Katrin Mayer’s work by referencing rubbers ethical issues in its production. Then through my use of recycled rubber just as Yong Ho Ji and Delvoye have done in their work I will produce a well rounded sustainable product.



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