Day 11 of dragon construction

Day 11 I started by spray painting the dragons head silver.


The spray paint highlighted and imperfections so i spent some time going over the surface patching up and smoothing the skin.


Then I started thinking about scales. I made donation boxes for old Cd’s and put them in uni and my halls office to keep on the recycled path. To prep the cds I sprayed the backs of them with silver so that if the back showed when mounted they wouldn’t stand out. 4243

I really enjoyed the pattern the cd’s made on the floor after spraying and thought it may be a good technique to create a scale pattern when I eventually completed the skin of the body.


I found a piece of netting that i thought could be used to create a scales pattern here’s my test:

I then started the process of cutting up cds for the scales. It proved harder than I had thought to cut them as the holographic shine peeled off quite a lot or the cd cracked when I cut them. I used multiple knives, scissors, and saws and found that scoring the cds then slowly cutting them with scissors was the best method however it was still very difficult to get all the pieces perfect.

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