Andrea Carr an extremely inspiring designer

“Carr has worked across a broad spectrum of the performing arts, bringing vitality to global ecological and social themes. Her eco-design remit is to repurpose objects, use surplus materials and commit to a closed-loop design process, in which all components are considered in a cyclical manner, with their afterlife as important as their current use. Embracing chance along the way, her work often distils into designs that move between art installations and immersive environments. Her work has been included in the UK representation of the World Stage Design Exhibition, in the Aesthetica Art Prize anthology, and in the ‘Designers Lead’ section of the Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD) 2019 exhibition at the V&A. ”

Hoax – Stuck

photo from Hoax – Stuck performance that featured in the V+A Staging places exhibition I saw

“The show was part art-installation, part absurdist theatre, and used clowning, rhetoric and soft sculpture to examine our cultural paralysis toward our changing planet.”

I have always felt my work wasn’t best suited to traditional theatre and so is aimed at events. This performance seems to find a ideal balance between experience and theatre performance which is exactly where I feel my work can be placed.

“The design presented a symbiotic relationship between body and environment. The costumes, envisaged as a series of dramaturgical revelations, morphed from unique survival clothing into ambiguous unsettling early life forms that are, in the final instance, consumed by the set.”

Orlando after Virginia Wolf

“Design lead performance project, Orlando after Virginia Woolf, character walks through time and space, Part sculpture / part costume. Environment and body, sculpture and performance.” – I love this cross over between sculpture and costume, something id use to describe my own practice.

Nodus Tollens at Liberty Festival

“The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble present a the premiere of a new performance, an outdoor piece called Nodus Tollens.
A piece of outdoor theatre addressing themes of migration, cultural and physical differences, and social acceptance, by a company of D/deaf and hearing artists. A joyful, playful, experience!”

The costumes have drawn me in, I love the use of materials in ingenious ways! Specifically the goggles made from milk cartons! Everything about the design of this performance has me captivated just by the design.

While doing further research I found that she co-founded EcoStage Pledge with Tanja Beer and Alice Hoult. It is an online initiative to promote sustainability amongst theatre practitioners.


This initiative seems to encompass my values. Harking back to what Fiona Watt said to us in the open table at the V+A defining your core values drives your practice, and sets you on pathways to collaborations with others with similar values. It seems to me joining the Ecostage pledge will help me make a difference with my practice as well as providing me with network opportunities.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 20.29.09

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 20.36.48

As well network opportunities it has a number of resources one being links to The Center For Sustainable Practice in the Arts. This organisation has many opportunities and grants for successfully sustainable artists which may be useful.





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