I have been trying to improve my academic reading by making notes as I go along and highlighting and looking up words I don’t understand. However what I struggle with most is retaining the information i’ve just read long enough to try and translate it into my own words. I find the structure and vocabulary used so challenging that often it has left my mind before I reach the end of the sentence. I have always struggled with this throughout my life and I put it down to my dyslexia but I am trying hard to overcome this flaw and will be aiming to read more and more academic texts to help me.

My confidence in my own abilities often holds me back from contributing in lectures and often embarreses me because with out sitting for a long period to translate these texts, I find it hard to formulate an opinion on a piece of writing I cant remember, even if I have just read it. It usually takes me multiple reads of a sentence before I can grasp what the author is trying say. To combat this I have been trying my best to read and translate the weekly reading before the sessions but I still find it challenging as I find it almost impossible to skim read over a text therefore I must translate the majority of the text rather than finding the most relevant sections which can prove extremely time consuming.

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