Spencer Byles

Towering woven structures, hanging pods and large-scale constellations of shapes create a theatrical or even supernatural realm within the picturesque woodland enviroment. The pieces seem to communicate with the viewer, playing on the tension between accident and design. The sculptures begin to disintegrate soon after their creation, something many land artists have explored and an idea that Byles is taken by. He explains, “The temporary nature of my sculptures is an important aspect of my experiences and understanding. I feel my sculptures are only really completed when nature begins to take hold again and gradually weave its way back into the materials. At this point they slowly become part of nature again and less a part of me.”

Forest Land Art

Forest Land Art 1

Forest Land Art 2

Forest Land Art 3

Forest Land Art 4

Forest Land Art 5

Forest Land Art 6

Forest Land Art 7

Forest Land Art 12




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