Final video for light

I picked all the most colourful footage i had and out it together. I put a meditation soundtrack quietly with it as I feel the sound of the fire creates a similar level of relaxation as the meditation would. also during meditation it is said that we align our chakras and start to move towards enlightenment.


Day 4 of dragon construction

On day 4 I started constructing the structure and joints for the wings. I started by measuring and cutting my copper pipes to length for the joints. For this I used a rotary saw.

day 4 a

I then used the sander to remove any burrs from the pipe to ensure they would fit securely into the fittings.

day 4 b

I then used a vice to flatten one of the ends of each pipe. I realised i needed to put a washer in the pipe before compressing it so to make the pipe level rather than tapered this would allow me to drill the wholes for the bolt easier and more precisely.

day 4 c

I then sanded the corners off the flattened ends so when jointed in the joint they will glide easily over one another and create the movement I desire.

day 4 d

I then used a pillar drill to create the wholes for my bolts to go through.

day 4 e

Once I had drilled my wholes I could fix them together using nuts and bolts. As these were designed for movement I decided to use a special nut with a silicone washer inside it. This meant that it would grip the bolt and stop it from being turned off as the joint moved but still stay on tightly. A draw back of this meant the nut didn’t screw flush to the joint as the washer kept it on the end of the bolt. This meant I had to trim the bolts to the right size. I did this using a hack saw and sanded the last few threads off to allow the bolt to fit. Once I had done that i had fully functioning joints!

day 4 g

I then measured out the proportions for the structure of the wings and cut them to length.

day 4 f

Then I simply had to put the pieces together using straight connectors. I had decided to use 28mm pipe for the wings as they needed to be strong to support there weight and not sag when they will be adorned with fabric and embellishments. However I realised I didn’t have enough of the larger sized straight connectors so I used a hack saw to cut a prong off a 3 prong connector.

day 4 h

End of day 4 and the wings are made but not mounted as I need to design the joint to create the desired motion.

day 4 iday 4 j

Day 1 of dragon construction

I started by measuring out the spine and spacing the ribs.


I cut small 28mm pipe sections to add to the spine for the ribs to fit in but it was such a snug fit.

After consideration I decided to scrap them when I realised I could just cable tie the ribs straight to the spine. I then proceeded to measure how large the ribs should be. I started in the middle and worked my way out reducing the diameter of the ribs by about 12cm each time. I was worried the spine may bend under the weight so i put a 22mm pipe in the spine to re-enforce it.


End of day 1 and the dragon has a body!!

Pewter workshop

Today we learnt how to cast things from pewter and make moulds.

top tips for pewter casting:

  1. air risers
  2. fairly even design to ensure even pour
  3. best casts come from a slightly warm mould
  4. dont over heat pewter or else it comes out cloudy of doesn’t fill mould properly

I love this technique so much i mad badges for my friends with our festivals logo on them. Beardyfest badges: