Stop motion

I have been greatly inspired by the surrealist movies of the 1920’s such as Entr’acte René Clair (1924). As these films were examples of early cinema they used simple techniques such as stop motion. Therefore I was keen to use it in my videos. I did some research on stop motion techniques and applications.

i found this and other recommendations for an app called stop motion studio, so i downloaded it and started doing some tests.

I decided to do some tests with my masks to understand how it works here is the result:

in this my tripod obviously wasn’t set up right and so drifted during the shoot, something ill have to be weary of next time. I like the effect and I understand the app now so will try experimenting with more complicated movements with household objects:

With this simple sequence I put tape inside the bottom of the toilet rolls to keep them in place while i took the photos and i’m really pleased with the effect! so much so I think i will put this sequence in one of the final videos.


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