Finishing small masks collection

To Finish the other 2 masks I painted them with acrylic paint to show what they would look like once scrimmed. I started off paining them white then with colour. I also made a timelaspe and put it with pictures for my instagram:

Here are the final images:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.40.04Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.40.18Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.40.46Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.41.05Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.41.17Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.41.29Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.41.38Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.42.04

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