Shambala festival application

I will be applying for the carnival workshop which is a large processional parade event during the course of the festival.


The theme of this years carnival procession is GAME ON! I have tailored my performance to this specification, making the heads into a recycling game! The mouths will be a moving target for people to throw rubbish into that will be eaten by these giant heads. The aim is to encourage a green conscience on the audience through a surreal whimsical performance. To help aid this green ethic I am designing a workshop to go along with my large scale up-cycled masks where anyone can learn how to make their own mask out of rubbish. Here is the application:

(word press corrupted my images and i didnt save these screenshots of the application so i cant put them back like ive done with the rest of my pictures, but i promise i did apply i really wanted to go)

Description of performance and workshop in full:

Anonymity is a curious thing, with a dazzling effect. We don a mask and become invincible. We cover our face but naturally compensate with exaggerated gestures communicating meaning through movement and imagery. It is my aim to utilise this transformative quality of the mask to encourage reflection upon one’s own ecological impact by turning an individual’s rubbish into their new Eco Identity! The workshop will inspire people to start valuing rubbish as an untapped resource we waste everyday. Each individual will leave with an up-cycled mask, the skills to make many more and a new outlook on their own ecological footprint. 

I have designed a walkabout performance to accompany the workshop, centred around 3 full body masks made from recycled materials. The performance engages audiences and promotes a green conscience by inviting them to collect rubbish and feed the surreal characters by throwing it into their chattering mouths. Each mask is designed so the movement of the puppeteer opens and closes to mouths of the masks, making them whimsical moving targets and turning collecting rubbish into an interactive game! Each large scale mask is made from recycled paper mache and discarded tents collected from festival campsites. The large masks will hopefully inspire the participants and serve as an example of the potential creativity that can come from working with waste materials. Once all participants are wearing their eco footprint on their face the three large scale masks will lead their new offspring through the carnival and spread the message of sustainability to the people.

The description says notify them of upcoming performances they could use as reference. My performance had already been confirmed with one of my previous contacts for Big Love Festival ( which is before Shambala, my hope was tat this would put me in good standing to get accepted. However Biglove has since been cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown. So to aid my application for Shambala I have filmed a tutorial of what would be covered in the workshop. I will release the tutorial with my final videos to make my once physically interactive performance interact with the public by providing a creative activity that can be easily achieved in lockdown with limited supplies.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 16.04.27Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 16.04.43

To make this video I used a time lapse app and power director app.




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