Anna Gravelle – Unique selling point lecture

Today we had a lecture on forming ourselves and our practices into marketable packages, focusing on our Unique selling points.


Anna told us a bit about the natural progression of her practice starting as designer but evolving to make bespoke textile wall art as well as branching into teaching. Currently I have no desire to teach in a school or university structured way but id defiantly like to start workshops and this could be a valuable way to provide stability to my practice as well as could be well intirgrated into the type of events and festivals I aim to performat.


She wants us to consider how we market ourselves and gave us a toolkit to do this:


  • professional photography is everything- consider mals how to! must have life style shots (in context of where it would be) + cutout shots + portraits + process shot of us working
  • make promo material eg. how to commission me panflet below
  • keep website up to date to stay at top of engine searchs
  • build network, join networks , make your own??

she also told us to make a dream plan which explains how to plan for the future. and told us to make TA DA! lists as well as to do lists to track our accomplishments:

at the end we did a activity to define our creative values, we first picked 4 words from the list below we think could be applied to our practice.

I chose Ecological awareness, innovation, variety and collaboration.

then we went about picking 3 top words and trying to formulate these into a tag lie for our practice. Here is mine:

A variety of innovative puppets and costumes to conjure whimsical performances with a sustainable conscience.

Im happy with my sentence and feel it sums me up well. the lecture was overall very useful and i feel I have contextualised my own work well.

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