Corona contraints and a change of plan

So we are in lock down everything is different and its impossible to not change and adapt to the current situation. I have been researching how other artists and organisations are reaching out to people in a digital format to inspire how I may translate my practice to help the masses find some light in times of hardship.

The national theatre is streaming recordings of its resent plays every Thursday. It made me think how could I stream my performance digitally. Also Is there a way to make it interactive in a similar way to the live performance? How can my work be reappropriated to tackle the current climate and make a physically interactive performance fit the context of an isolated world?

Idea: choose your own story click through short videos? Instagram account, new story everyday with ability for followers to vote for the choice at the end of the video. 

Modern art Oxford has released a virtual tour of its exhibitions 

Johanna Unzueta: Tools for Life

Online Exhibition – Johanna Unzueta: Tools for Life

New art exchange in Nottingham have done a similar tour :

God’s House Tower is also in the midst of adapting its programme online. Lunch Time Lectures will continue to take place every Friday lunchtime and workshops you can do at home will also appear on a new YouTube channel.

I had decided to make a workshop plan up for my Shambala application anyway so it seems the perfect idea to film it and add it to my online presence as part of the campaign to combat insanity during isolation.

idea : a short workshop after every surreal short i do each day? interactive in multiple ways. could even inspire people to make their own content videos with their masks or other crafts. could be a bit like the nomination games going around on social media. pass on the silliness, making stupid fun content to spread smiles in times of sadness. Stupidity for Sanity??



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