Exhibition Model Box

I planned out my final exhibition layout and made a model box to help visualise it. I made it to a 1:20 scale. I started out making mannequins as a way to present my heads but after brainstorming with Pip we decided hanging them would be more effective. Doing this will allow my audiences to go up inside the head to appear as though they are being properly worn. I have indicated this interactivity by putting footprints on the floor showing wear to stand. It is my hope that audiences will take this as a photo opportunity that will extend the fun of my outcomes beyond the exhibition to a whimsical keep sake for them. My practice is all about engaging audiences, being interactive and fun with a lasting impact. By having this interactive element incorporated into the presentation of the work I feel the exhibition will be elevated that one step further and will inform audiences more about the nature of my practice.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 15.53.13

On the wall beside the heads will be a TV screen with my short film playing on it, the film will show the heads in action and be a nod to the concept and the origins of the designs. The shelf underneath will have my artist book on that will also explains the concepts further but also shows the progression of my work throughout the project. Beside the screen on the wall will be my artist statement and postcards.

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