Paper mache research


For my heads I will buy some high quality wood glue to ensure they are super strong.


I did a test puppet head with gum tape to see how strong it would be. I found it was extremely strong when dried but hard to work with and mould to the shape of the details. I am considering using it as one of the base layers to add strength to my head before I build the features up too much.

In the video above she mentions reinforced gum tape that has fiberglass filaments in it. For paper mache this tape wouldn’t work as you can’t tear it but it sparked an idea that i could use a layer of fiberglass sheeting in between the layers of paper mache to reinforce my structure.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 15.40.29Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 15.40.38

On this Marquette I used wire to attach the jaw and see how the movement might look on the finished product.

I am keen to make the paper mache as hard and as light as possible so no base support is needed. I found with my dragon project in first year the large amounts of poles and extra layers of paper mache made the head very heavy when used. I want to avoid this by making the paper mache shell as strong and self supporting as possible. By using fiber glass and gum tape to reinforce the shell my hope it that minimal extra support will be needed. This will also ensure the heads don’t get damaged in transit which was another issue I faced.

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