Puppet Centre, Battersea Arts Centre

I found the Puppet centre as an opportunity to visit during our trip to London. They are a development agency for the art form of puppetry. They help champion puppetry to funders, venue managers and other stakeholders, they provide opportunities for puppeteers to connect, to gain skills, to engage in critical debate, and are an information hub for puppetry. They also offer career and development advice, so I am going to email them to ask if I can ask them some questions about entering the industry.

This offer above is a fantastic opportunity to help promote myself. If I ever want to make a puppetry workshop and something to bare in mind.


On their website they also provide this website as a good resource to find puppeteers or makers. It is my intention to get myself on this database in the hope of securing some freelance work:


Research of company to help me prepare questions for the visit :

  • “Puppet Centre’s strategic role incorporates the use of puppetry in outdoor arts, carnival, dance, opera, screen animation, and theatre sectors.” – I want to specialise in outdoor arts and carnival events – what are some relevant theatre companies to approach? what are these specific companies looking for? how best can i market myself to them? 
  • “Puppetry Development Consortium – A think-tank and networking resource for professionals working in puppetry in England” “It was set up in response to the initiative ‘Working Together to Strengthen Puppetry’”  this consortium ” and “Established and mid-career artists often work extensively overseas to make ends meet” “in comparison with dance, circus, outdoor art and theatre there is a lack of professional infrastructure, which threatens puppetry’s ability to compete, thrive, build on opportunities, develop audiences and  generate more income.” – what are the best starting points for an entry level artist / performer that would have clear career progression to avoid these issues? (https://www.puppetcentre.org.uk/docs/Establishment_Action_Plan_Puppetry_Development_Consortium__11.3.pdf -)
  • Are there opportunities to both make and perform? or do these disciplines remain mostly separate? What type of performances lend themselves to this way of working? 

Below is a screen shot of the email:

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 12.50.28



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