Professional practice seminar reflection

We have just finished the second professional practice seminar, the first focused on places to access live briefs. Ingrid showed us different websites that we can use to search for different opportunities. For example:

  1. STEP Beyond travel grants – –
  2. Bloomberg New Contemporaries.2020 –
  3. Artist newsletter provides contracts and public liability insurance as well as legal support network with subscription – -bad art presents : Trash (10th march)
  4. open call: projects open, project_002:puppet
  6. creative cardiff – website
  7. Eistedddfod – deadline 14th feb
  8. local arts officer both regional and county council – contact these people for arts funding and potential help setting events up etc.

I will be using these to help me find 3 or more live briefs to apply for by the 11th February.

The second session has focused on how we have used our dissertation research to help inform or inspire our own practice. I have been particularly inspired by my dissertation and will be using the theories and manifestos of Edward Gordon Craig and his contribution to the New Stagecraft movement in the early years of the 20th century to inspire my next project. He reinvented theatre embracing abstract imagery and surrealist themes in place of naturalism as a form of universal communication with his audiences. He did all this primarily through the mask as a theatrical tool. He also aimed to bring the traditional esoteric and carnivalesque uses of the mask to conventional theatre which is a key theme my work embraces. This ability of the mask to remove our primary form of communication (facial expression and speech) and still allow the wearer to convey any message is fascinating and exhilarating when you consider the possibilities this tool holds within. This concept that his work is centred around is the defining characteristic that spiked my interest in masks in the first place. Now I have learnt of a movement that has already explored these ideas I can see a clearer path as to where my own practice belongs within the world.

This was a key aim of the seminar, to help contextualize our work, and find which professional context our work fits into. Jon gave us some areas to look into as well:

  1. craft council
  2. The art story – browse for surrealist movement for research and context

He also wanted us to find ideal companies that our work fits into and use them as starting points of contextualising our work.

we focused as well on key words that describe our practice. One that spiked my interest was speculative design, making art that poses questions rather than solving problems. I thought this would be a good basis for my next project concerning surrealist themes.


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