Assessment feedback

I just got out of my assessment tutorial with Jon and Ingrid, they told me they had hoped to see more of a final outcome at this point rather than a small 3D print marquette. This is because my ideas and plans are so large that a small model cannot do it justice. They told me to focus on my visual narrative and how am I going to go from these small scale designs to something large and high quality. I planned to CNC some foam in order to render into large scale objects, but happily my feedback was don’t rely on CAD too heavily and utilise it where appropriate. It should be used to aid me not hold me back and my strengths lie in hands on craft. For large scale carnival esque performance objects this style is often better.

My tasks for over christmas is to be making designs and ideas, as well as gathering materials for my final outcomes. By the time we come back after christmas I hope to have a small scale marquette complete as a starting point of my ideas. I will be planning this project in the hope of performing with the masks at festivals this summer.

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