Trials and Tribulations

The past 2 days has been a real struggle. Yesterday I scanned my head in as a 3D image with Ingrid. I spent the rest of the day figuring out how to build custom stamps from my own features to replicate the same effects I have been doing with preset stamps on Oculus Medium. It was a much longer and tedious process compared to the other methods as the scan of my head wasn’t very high definition so i had to go in and add detail to the features before they could be used as stamps. This was particularly difficult as I needed to make sure to keep the likeness of the features while sculpting.

About 4 or 5 hours later I was just coming to the end of the finished sculpt and just as I was checking it to make sure it was finished all the way around, the programme crashed and restarted!!!! I lost an entire days work.


Today I wanted to get my latex mask cast from my new plaster mould. I was about to pour my mask when Martin suggested I put the mould in the drying cupboard first to help draw the moisture from the latex. As I was loading the mould into the cupboard it slipped and one of the eyes broke off. This is also a huge set back but again another learning curve!

Always be careful while transporting plaster, it is brittle!!

There are also several scratches on the surface from where i accidentally caught it on my nails while cleaning the mould.



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