VR modelling day 4 / 5 – How to 3D print

Today Ingrid showed me how to turn my sculpt into a file fit for 3D printing. You first need to open the file into a programme called CURA. Going onto the student portal you can book a 3D printer via connect 2, for this I need a 2+ 3D printer.

She advised me that when CURA opens the preset settings are fine to keep, although she changed it to normal quality setting. Find the file on the memory stick and open it into the programme. Aslo what is sometimes useful, is opening the file into a different programme called Mesh mixer which allows you to view the sculpt in HD and smooth out any fine details before sending it to 3D print.

In CURA you must make sure its sat on the bed and what scale you want it to print at. Then go get an SD card for the 3D printers and put the file onto the SD.

We set up the 3D printer and made sure there was enough filament in it. For this print I will need 53g of filament. (its essential to note this down so i know how much to pay)

Once this was underway I went about making a new sculpt, this time using the features stamps instead of sculpting them from scratch. Here is the result:

This felt very quick in comparison, partly due to using pre-made stamps but i also feel i’ve drastically improved my medium skills. Im fairly happy with the end result but felt the eyes on top of the head protrude too far and almost give it an alien like quality, which is not what i am aiming for with this design.

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