Making a No face mask

I have been having some trouble with Oculus, the program used in the VR modelling for my multiple features mask. So I decided in contrast to the multiple features mask, a mask with no human features would pair well to also create an uncanny effect on the viewer. Due to its more stripped back design I was able to sculpt this from clay.

I put my research to the test and went in with the skin of an orange to create a dappled effect on the smooth surface in the hope that it will make a skin like texture more realistic once painted.

I then Built up walls around the edge as a barrier to then cast the mask in plaster.

I let this set then for extra strength I did a layer of plaster bandage over the top, and then let this dry. I then went to take it apart but quickly realised I had forgotten to soft soap the small amount of plaster exposed on the face cast. This meant the plaster I poured on top stuck and I had to rip the the plaster apart and unfortunately broke the cast of the mask.


This was very frustrating but it was a very simple sculpt so I am grateful this mistake was made on this attempt. When cleaning my face cast I realised PVA was a pour choice as a sealant because its water based. So once I had cleaned the face cast as best I could, I covered it in in a layer of satin wood varnish to make sure this problem won’t happen again and make it easier to clean and reuse. Although to be on the safe side I will use some sort of oil based release on any exposed plaster even though its varnished now, just to be on the safe side.¬†

I’m also thinking it might be best to use silicone to make a mould next time. I only used plaster this time as it was such a simple design. But to make it to a professional standard I think this will be best.



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