Bowl Project Reflection








After completing my Wear-a-Bowl I have had a lot to consider about where my personal practice stands within the wider world. This particular project was very conceptual, with a clear issue it was addressing. Going forward I must consider if this is a theme I wish to take forward or is my aim to make my practice sustainable without having such direct satirical commentary? This particular product I think would accompany the video in a gallery setting, and I feel the video is in fact the final outcome as its integral for the message to be portrayed. I really enjoyed this project as a way to explore the reuse of materials and step out of my comfort zone slightly by taking on a more conceptual project. However generally I enjoy making more practical objects that can be used, worn or interacted with in a more physical level. This product is un-functional by design which is an interesting concept but not what I’m looking to produce in my future professional practice.

I was happy with the feedback I received from the group viewing session and felt my message came across clearly and I’m pleased people had the desired reaction and found it funny. I also felt the video was hugely successful on the whole and I was much better at the editing process than I thought. Originally, I was very tentative at the thought of making a video but I ended up really enjoying the process and found it to be very rewarding and effective.

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