Advert Research

I want my advert to impersonate cheesy American infomercials for useless products. These adverts are famous for their stupid moments, showing the “difficulties” of life to prove you “need” this “must have” product. Here are some infomercials i’ve found to take inspiration from:


I like this one because the product is so unnecessary just like mine.

Craig Burnett is renowned for his infomercials and his stupid skits explaining the problem the product is designed to solve. He has even been made into memes such as washing cars can be difficult:


Here is a reel of some of his adverts which id like to take inspiration from:


Although American consumer culture is far more extreme than ours ,  which probably explains their over the top adverts, here in the UK we still have our fair share. JML products are advertised in a similar way. Here are a few ridiculous adverts I will be taking inspiration from as well:


This particular advert is so ridiculous as it is 100% obsolete and just more useless plastic! I also like the part of this advert where the women say how much they enjoy the product, this is a feature id like to include in my advert.


This advert I like alot as it has a few examples of people unhappy before they get the product. these scenes are the most comical and are definitely going to be featured in my advert.

What i’ve learnt from these adverts is for the shots of people struggling before the product is introduced I should use a lower saturation on the image suggesting sadness and frustration from the users in the advert. Then when cutting to the product, up the saturation and brightness to imply the product has brought light to their lives.

I’ve also noticed in these adverts the presenter/ voice over is predominantly male. The only exceptions to this are make up or cleaning products, clearly stereotypically aimed towards women.

I also wanted to take ispiration from Cilit bangs Barry Scott as he was always such a comical character in the adverts. However potentially having and extra character may make the advert confusing and too long.


I wish for my message to be clear, that is, that these large corporations are evil for producing so much USELESS, UNNECESSARY, plastic, RUBBISH, fad products. Endorsing this mass consumer culture is destroying our planet with copious amounts of plastic waste! This is why i’ve decided to make the bowl from plastic rubbish, highlight how rubbish these products really are. Its disposable commodity, made from disposable commodities. This video is also highlighting how companies push terrible products onto the public with unrealistic and fanciful adverts. They market the product as a must have, amazing, innovative, product when in fact it’s unnecessary tat. This is what i want to make fun of and bring to the public’s attention. 

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