Wear-A-Bowl Construction

I first experimented with different patterns for each of the panels of my Wear-A-Bowl. Below are the best 5. I then traced the pattern shape onto them and cut them into shape.

I sewed them together and very carefully turned it inside out which proved harder than expected.

I then trimmed the excess from the rim to create a hard edge.

I then warmed the rim a little with the iron to enable me to flip the rim to make it look more like a hat when worn.

Im really happy with my outcome, it fits the head well and it held its shape without the need for reinforcement.

I then Made a lining for the wear-a-bowl to hide the stiching. I did this by cutting the same pattern pieces from regular plastic bags. The plastic straight from the bags was too fragile to sew, so i used an iron and very carefully melted the edges together to make the seams.

I then placed this inside my bowl and again very carefully used an iron to secure it to the Wear-A-Bowl.  I then cut a slit in either side of the lining to insert my strap into and the wear-a-bowl was finished!!!!!

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