Hat Marquettes

After experimenting with my simple Wear-A-bowls i felt the head one was best. It made me think that what is a hat but an upside down bowl? So I thought about how the bowl could be stored on your head as a hat until you needed it! After this realisation I started making hat Marquettes.

I originally wanted to make a bucket hat shape and so went about making a pattern from paper:

Then drafted this into fabric to see its form once constructed:

I enjoyed the result it would make a lovely hat for summer but i felt it was too boxy to be a bowl onced reversed.

I then decided to try and construct a literal bowl shape from fabric by creating a half sphere. I used a five piece sphere pattern:

Image result for sphere pattern

Then Cut this out in fabric and used the machine to sew these together too:

This was extremely effective and fit my head well! I think i will use this technique to make my final bowl.

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