Making basic Autonomers

Today in Jons study group we started to learn about basic autonomers and simple kinetic sculptures. Our challenge was to make a kinetic object that could potentially create a simple interaction or action that elicits human qualities and evokes empathy.

I learnt a few key terms:

Eccentric motion = off center rotation

a choc – block connector (shaft couplers) = use by taking plastic off around area you wish to use. then use screws to tighten around wires or other things to motor.

An un- geared motor spins really fast, so use geared motor to control speed 

Jon also taught us to consider support placement and structural integrity along with kinetic motors. As often this is the tricky part of construction.

I wanted to make a wearable feeding machine as an artefact to accompany my bowl. Here is my result:

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 15.08.10

For this is used a geared motor and wires attached to a spoon that spins towards the face.

Here it is in action!:

Here is another video of it in action:

Here I am demonstrating the feeding machine with a wearable bowl marquette I made from half a plastic bottle and bike inner tubes.

I am really pleased with my first attempt with using electrical motors it was surprisingly easy to do I am annoyed at myself that I have shied  away from this simple form of mechanics in the past. Id like to refine this and present it as an accompanying artifact for my bowl. I need to play around with the ergonomics and aesthetics to make it a sleek well rounded product.

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