Testing new plastic material

While the plastic it still hot its very malleable and so i had the thought of using tin foil as a mould to press the plastic around while its hot and create a bowl shape. I was inspired by the construction of bowler hats. Considering I wish to make a hat that is also a bowl its namesake seemed a perfect starting point for the research of possible construction techniques. the felt mold method could be replicated here with warm plastic.

Heres the results:

They ended up taking the form really well and still held their shape after they cooled. however folding a flat plain created folds that i thought looked messy and so i don’t think i will be taking this process forward.

Then I thought the plastic could be treated almost like fabric and sewn to create the desired form. I first started by seeing how well it hand sewed. this was really effective and so i decided to try it under the machine, which too my surprise worked perfectly! Here are those results:

This has lead me to think i should definitely sew the plastic to create my final bowl.

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