Process experimentation- Making plastic sheets

I thought about using plastic bags to make a new more durable fabric type material that i could potentially sew to create the desired 3D form. i did this by cutting plastic bags into small pieces then using an iron and grease proff paper i experimented with bonding the plastic back together.

these are my first 2 attempts, experimenting with thinner and thicker plastic bags. In this case the thinner bags bonded well but melted too much in places. it proved hard to gage the exact amount of time as these bags melted very quickly. the test on the right was 2 thicker bags together to see how more plastic would turn out but was too thick to work with and became solid.

Next i experimented with pattern on the thinner types of plastic bags. I was extremely happy with this result, the pattern turned out bold and well bonded. Because this worked so well i wanted to see if i could produce text by cutting and reorganising the letters already printed on a Tesco bag.

This also worked extremely well but i applied too much heat to some of the it and a few letters came out distorted. I still think this is effective however i wonder having a word like this or any other may become to obvious. Maybe bold tacky block colours would say more than blatant message written across it? 

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