Mask Making from clay

I started out by making a paper face form to start sculpting the clay onto.

Once I was happy with my base shape I let it go leather hard so I could remove it from the form and test the size and shape on my face before proceeding.


Once I knew I was happy with the shape I started trying to sculpt tiny motifs for the detail on the mask which proved much more difficult than expected. I thought long and hard about how to achieve these details to a higher standard and faster as it was a very long and difficult process trying to sculpt such tiny detail. Finally, I realised I have lots of tiny detailed necklace pendants with designs perfect for this project so I pressed them into plasterscene and used that as a mould to press clay into. It was extremely effective and I’m so happy with the results!

I continued to add details to the mask and build up the detail. I also used real leaves rollered into the clay to create leaves for the mask which was also extremely effective.

Here is the finished clay mask:

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