Contempory mummers play storyboard

Enchanting music starts as a half human half ram mystical creature enters. She dances and frolics around the stage then pulls out her flute. As she plays plants magically grow from the ground.

As she works and continues to serenade the plants, a demonic creature with a huge mouth to consume all in its path enters. whilst she isn’t looking he cuts down the plants she has grown.

She then discovers the dead plants and weeps as the demon laughs and her despair.

She sees the evil-doer and squares up to him. pushing and shoving ensue and the music picks up.

Just as it seems they are about to fight, they break into dance and a dance battle begins!

One after the other they try to one up each other. The demon is clearly loosing so decides to cheat and trips her.

As the demon celebrates his victory she pulls out her flute one more time, and suddenly as if from nowhere a wizard enters to aid the faun. He listens to her heart then comically shakes her in an attempt to fix her ailments. with little success, he quickly dashes of the stage and returns with a bucket labelled ‘Healing potion’. he sets it down and dances around it as part of a healing ritual.

He then throws the potion over and she begins to revive! Seeing this the demon attempts to sneak away but is caught before he can escape.

The demon cowers in fear but rather than continuing to fight she offers him a hand to dance instead.

They proceed to dance, the demon resists at first but finally starts to enjoy the rhythmic dancing. the play finishes with them hugging one another at the end of the dance, exiting as friends.

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