Explore module reflection

Sites spaces and public places has taught me to consider every possible outcome or downfall when designing. Also to be aware of possible pitfalls and how to rectify them before pitching to a client. It has also taught me to go out of my way to find possible briefs to apply for and that certain companies are employed to distribute these commissioned briefs to the suited artist.​ when art is to be placed in a public space everything must be considered with the utmost scrutiny. Whether its durable/ weather proof, fits in context with its surroundings, has the desired effect for purpose. I found the hard way that one must plan for the worst case scenario and public interference. In the future I aim to start digitalising my work to make it permanent and also widen my audience.

Magical objects has taught me so much about the history of magical objects in everyday life and in the art world and how these objects have integrated into our societies to become treasured and tradition. In cultures where masking is a part of their life or worship masks are never seen as merely art or decorative objects each mask has its own functional purpose that it was specifically designed for. It’s also taught me to run with my interests; I have been interested in magic, folk law, hypnagogic/ entoptic imagery and altered states of consciousness all my life, but felt it was deemed not credible at a university level, through research I have learnt this is not true.

During Ss+pp I had difficulties deciding how to utilize my stump to the best of my abilities, to help the cause but also create something true to who I am as an artist. Learning about the properties of the trees personifies them to us and puts a further value on each tree as an individual by doing this we may open peoples eyes towards saving their valuable limited local wildlife and trees.​

I have been so inspired by field that I have carried the themes of magic and folklore that I explored in my Meri Lwyd inspired costume, through my constellation (looking at British pagan/ folkloric masked traditions) and fully into my Make Your Mark project!

Explore has also taught me how important it is to me that my work be experienced by the public. By interacting first hand with our audiences and the integrating art work into public settings we have a chance to change the wider world through small acts. I Know now I want to be an active participant in my art and for my audience to actively engage with me and my work. This performance aspect seems to me to be as important a part of the delivery as the execution of the work itself.

Its also enlightened me to my own personal purpose – to change the world one smile at a time!​ Before I started this module I aimed to make artefacts to stimulate the senses – it looks nice it makes me happy. ​This module has taught me how to put depth to my work by anchoring my outcomes to my interests.​ But also has brought to light my works purpose, and although I may make something because I simply enjoy its aesthetic, by sharing my art with the public and evoking laughter, happiness and awe I am inviting my audiences to explore the art of hedonism and hopefully starting a chain reaction of love and the pursuit of pleasure. ​

Working as a group has proved the best way to generate poignant ideas, and the multiple viewpoints can help bring to light flaws in a design or idea that one mind may not. Especially when designing for a public space the desired affect the work will have on its audience is essential working in bigger groups helps to see flaws in ideas where one mind might not. ​

By expanding my knowledge and context of ideas I feel I have found a focus point of my practice. I’ve always known my area of interest was ‘wearable art’ but these modules have taught me to focus the theoretical side of my practice whilst opened my eyes to the possibilities my work could have on the world. ​I’ve specifically been inspired by masks and so I am focusing on this aspect of costume for my subject module. This may be something I am focusing on currently but through focusing on masks I am opening myself up to new practical skills and therefore expanding my practice through experimentation!​

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