Horns/ demon mask process

I used a similar technique to create both the horns and the demon mouth mask. A base of wire, wrapped in either tape for the teeth and plastic bags for the horns to create the initial shapes. I then paper mached over these structures to create a skin and strength. For the horns I attached the horns to a headband using the wire and for the teeth, I attached them to a gum shape made from cardboard.

I then paper mached over the join for extra strength then proceeded to paint them. At this stage, the teeth just needed a varnish to finish them.

The horns needed a way to counter the weight and keep them on my head with a tie. For this I used tights wrapping them around the headband, sewing them on and leaving the legs as ties. I then used wool to cover the join as well as down the length of the horns to add texture and pattern. Once this was finished I shaded the gaps to add extra depth.

The final results:


I used liquid latex and tissue paper to attach the teeth to my skin and build up the rest of the mouth to connect them. Then painted the mouth in with face paint to create the really effective illusion. I really enjoyed using latex painting it and builinding it up was exstremely effective as well as durable. So id like to experiment with the material further and see what else it can be used for.

I am a big fan of this process as it is light weight to wear and so perfect for costume and its easy to create fluid shapes fairly quickly. However the papaer is not the most proffesional finish and is not that durable. I am also very well practiced at this process as it is one of my favourites and so id like to experiment with different processes such as casting for my final mask to expand my knowledge.

In previous projects I have used wall paper paste and kitchen towel, this creates a lovely smooth finish. However its soft inside and so tends to split or break, which isnt ideal for a wearable object. For these projects I used news print paper and strong PVA which has set pratically rock solid. However im not as happy with the finish. In future I must find a way to cobine the methods to find the perfect process.

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