Beardyfest – Creating opportunities

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My aim is to step foot into the world of events and festivals not only as an individual but as a collective. My friends and I have been working hard to create our own festival event called BEARDYFEST to help provide a creative platform in our hometown, bringing a little piece of student life home with us. 2018 will be year 3 of the project and by far the biggest yet. University provides many opportunities to progress and flourish in our fields, but not just all the information we learn from the course itself but the social side as well. I have been trying my best to network with local promotions companies in order to help put Beardyfest on the map and increase our reach to other pre-existing markets of people.

I reached out to a Cardiff/Swansea based promotions company called ‘Noisemakers 21’ I discussed our plans with the companies executive Ryan Lewis, and after some discussion, he decided to support our event! I was overwhelmed by his love and support for the project and I know it’s going to mean big things for Beardyfest. Ryan is now offering to do a 2hr Noisemakers take over at Beardyfest 2018. He is also going to reach out to a music label he is in conjunction with called SA Collective who support up and coming MC’s and lyricists. I am ecstatic to have such devoted support for a project so close to my heart and can’t wait to see the outcomes of this amazing opportunity. Not only have I made a key business link I feel I have also found a friend and a mentor.

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After my own website turned out so well we decided that it was time Beardyfest had its own website and more presence on the internet. complete with countdown and last years after movie, as well as links to our social media!

Visit here:





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