Sergio Boldrin, Artist Mask Maker

“When Carnival was re-discovered back in 1979, teen-Sergio and his friends decided to have fun and start creating some mask for this “new” event: this choice led Sergio to become a promoter of the Venetian Carnival and his works to be appreciated and exported worlwide, making him a reknown mask artist and a favourite of the movie industry.”


“Innovative yet faithful to the Venetian mask making tradition, Sergio has always opted for papier-mache and entirely hand made processes. The combination of ancient techniques, passion, and his expertise both as a mask maker and a painter, deliveroutstanding results that make his crafts truly unique.”



“Faithful to the Venetian mask making tradition, all Sergio’s masks and decorations are high quality and entirely hand made, going counter trend to what souvenirs shops offer in town.

In a time when mass produced plastic masks are killing the traditions, Sergio chose instead to work even more and to teach his relatives in order to preserve the knowledge of an art that dates back to the XIII century.”

Image result for Sergio Boldrin

His papier-mache skills are incredible and id like to develop my own to this professional standard. Working on improving my technique will help the masks become more durable and therefore more practical to wear.

I’ve been considering doing Erasmus as a sandwich year in order to further my skills within the field. after this research, I feel like Venice may be an amazing place to start and I would have the opportunity to take part in these beautiful masquerade traditions.


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