Make your mark- enitial thoughts

I’ve been considering my future and what career I wish to follow. My dream would be to create costumes or performance pieces for festivals or events. I would have a company that rents the pieces or me and/or a troop as a performance for their event. In order for this to be successful, I need to get experience within the field and promote myself.

To do this I will be creating my own simple website as a portfolio to promote myself. I am also applying to work at festivals as both a construction aid as well as a performer, the website I will have will help me when applying for these roles. I will be applying to the large-scale dragon puppet I made in the first year. This year Id like to create a similar puppet or costume but concentrate on a different method of construction for a smaller costume, my focus will lie on the process based exploration rather than the flamboyant outcome.

My last field module was concentrating on masks so i’d like to potentially create some sort of mask or head to be worn as part of a performance. Academically possibly looking at how to maybe bring something from the past to the future, concentrating on folklore/festival/celebrations and the history of them. What were the origins of festivals and how could a costume commemorate that? potentially focusing on one tradition and updating it with my own ideas.

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