Make Your Mark! : Promoting Myself

Today I had a tutorial with Pip to discuss what I should be addressing and how to kick start this project. We discussed my ambitions, I aim to become a freelance artist/ performer, available for hire using my wearable art and costumes for promenade based performances at events such as festivals.  She suggested firstly to consider how to promote myself within the industry. Last summer I was lucky enough to test drive my dragon puppet Arianwen at One Tribe festival in Cheshire. I recently finished editing a final video of that performance to promote the act and myself:


I also worked with my mother who builds websites for a living to design my very own taylormade website promoting me. Specifically acting as a professional online portfolio advertising me as an artist, my aims and project highlights.

visit here:

My hope is that the video of my performance coupled with my new website will put me in good stead when applying for more festivals and performances this summer. My aim is to perform at a minimum of 3 festivals this year. I hope that by progressing each year, when my graduation comes I will have already made a small but suggnificant mark within the industry.


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