PDP reflection of Sites spaces and public plaes

I was really excited to start Sites spaces and public places as it was a pathway I knew very little about and seemed a really interesting way to possibly explore as a career path for my future. I enjoyed learning about the business side of how artists receive commissions and how they use those artists and their amazing work to help communities and enrich public places through the use of art. After learning about this possible route I feel I am now better prepared for the world of work and would consider searching for a brief to apply for. I have successfully learned what I need to consider when creating a site responsive or specific work. I know now how I must first analyze my site meticulously in order to create an appropriate response that is effective in relation to an assigned set of specifications for a client or a cause. I am particularly interested in my artwork creating an impact on the audience it reaches so through site-specific and public work I have been able to explore in more depth, the true possibilities of what my art can do. I’ve learned it has an impact not just for individuals it happens to touch but Learnt it can have a greater in both local and wider communities.  it’s put into perspective for me the power of art- You must think globally with your aspirations and in order to tackle these large-scale issues we must act locally. Through this project, I myself have found a great appreciation for our urban forests. I’ve learned about how trees can be utilized to our own needs and when used correctly trees can actually prevent flooding by strengthening banks along the water and absorbing excess water.  during this brief I  I have faced lots of challenges the first which came when deciding what sites our groups wished to use. When deciding upon a site we had to consider what we wanted our art to say.  we wanted to better people we weren’t sure how to connect with people on an individual level in order to better our local community.  so when we stumbled across the campaign to save the trees in the roof area we felt we had found our calling.

I had difficulties deciding how to utilize my stump to the best of my abilities, to help the cause but also create something true to who I am as an artist by incorporating my own own beliefs and knowledge to a cause through my personal response. Learning about the properties of the trees personifies them to us and puts a further value on each tree as an individual by doing this we may open peoples eyes towards saving their valuable limited local wildlife and trees.

Overall I am really happy with my outcomes and designs so far I believe the sweet nature of my humanoid characters and the mystical world and home they’ve created within the tree will help the public capture the same Love and intrigue towards the local wildlife as I have already.

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