Report of our chosen site

Residents in Roath are campaigning against plans to chop down 40 or so mature trees at Waterloo Gardens, Roath Mill Gardens and Roath Brook Gardens, through which a brook runs, with 1.3 % chance of flooding Natural Resources Wales wish to widen the brook to decrease the risk of flooding. We have chosen to use 3 trees within the local area that have already been cut down as our individual sites. They are located on Waterloo Road Colchester Avenue crossroads, on the pavement of a fairly busy cross junction, with both automotive and foot traffic passing it regularly. These three pieces of work with the three tree stumps will hopefully inspire change in the local community to join the campaign and tell a cautionary tale of what is to come if we continue to cut down the trees.

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My Personal response:

My tree stump its self is approximately 1m 30cm tall with its sprouting leaves from the top ranging up to another 50cm. It is approximately 30cm in diameter across the cut section at the top. Considering our aim to help the campaign to save the trees in the local area, I am looking at my project from the perspective of the inhabitants of the trees. My aim is to anthropomorphize these possible inhabitants in a way that may change the views of some locals and inspire them to join the campaign. I examined my tree and believed it could resemble a small city skyscape. Taking inspiration from Kodama which are spirits in Japanese folk law that inhabit trees, I wish to create a miniature world within this tree. My tree stump is not just a cut tree but has started to regrow once again and I was keen to incorporate this into my design. I will be using small and simple humanoid figures to resemble tree spirits, made from polymer clay, to depict these spirits rebuilding their home after it has been so cruelly cut down.




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