Not just a tree

 photo horsechestnut1_zpshijpoy0x.jpg

Hedgerow medicine – Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal

I love learning about the medicinal and magical properties of all plants but in doing so I have learned that each and every plant has their own personality and sacred use. By learning about trees and plants as individuals we are able to appreciate each and every one of them. Id like my site work to touch upon this and hopefully make the public appreciate their local trees on a new level by recognizing their uses and individual characteristics. I hope by opening peoples eyes to the wonders of their local trees by personifying them and possible inhabitants, locals will be more inclined to join the campaign to save the trees!

 photo horsechestnut2_zpsmwzggdik.jpg

Hedgerow medicine – Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal

Horse chestnuts are particularly good at helping with vein and blood-related illnesses, as mentioned in the hedgerow medicine book pictured above. Id like to incorporate this into my art by suggesting that the spirits of the trees, spoken about in folk law around the world are essentially the lifeblood of the tree and in turn trees our the lifeblood of the planet. Cardiff especially has been accredited as being a beautiful city for its greenery, by removing so many local trees not only will the beauty of the local area be affected but things like air quality and biodiversity and habitats for wildlife will be significantly affected. Here is a website devoted to the benefits of urban trees using:


The reason the council wishes to remove the trees is to supposedly reinforce flood defenses but as this website shows trees actually aid the prevention of floods by absorbing water and preventing soil erosion.

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