Exploring our local area

today we met to go for a walk around Roath and the local area to search for possible empty spaces that would work for our idea. here are some pictures:

we eventually got to a small park where there were lots of posters concerning the unnecessary felling of trees in parks across the Roath area. The council was planning on cutting down 147 trees in a plan to improve flood defenses despite the minimal risks of flooding. Local people were campaigning to save their trees and we thought this was a really lovely cause. here are some pictures from that park:


we kept walking and eventually came to a crossroad nearby. Still considering our search for empty spaces as well as this community campaign to save the trees, we spotted 3 tree stumps on different sides of the roads and felt it was a perfect opportunity to each take a stump and use it as a plinth like platform to raise awareness about the proposed local felling in a hope to raise awareness and aid the campaign.

here are some pictures of the tree stumps:

We each picked a tree and started to think about how we could use them to advertise the campaign.


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