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What happens when a group of friends dare to dream about a wondrous world of music, dancing, art and surreal bliss?

Over the past two years a few of my closest friends and I have been working hard towards creating our own home grown festival called BEARDYFEST! It all started with a few talented friends and a dream to create our own personal haven for expression. We come from a small market town, with a lot of artistically gifted friends from different fields and professions. We realised there were next to no opportunities to showcase their talents collectively, whether it be music, dance, comedy, painting, sculpture, instillations or photography. We wanted to create a platform where we could bring together and celebrate all of these amazing talents.

I chose to base the concept of my medal around this event as it is something I have become extremely passionate about and hope that it will be the foundation of our futures. BEARDYFEST couldn’t have gone from an idea to a reality without each and every one of our contributors and in my opinion that is the essence of what BEARDYFEST really is, community. We have made such a tight knit group through this project and united so many people, those who are willing to lend a hand, have a talent to contribute as well as all those who attended the event. We welcome everyone and it’s amazing how many people are willing to come together to make our vision a reality. We are proud to have united people with peace, love and music. The medal itself I wish to gift to each of my friends who are part of the inner organisation team, as a thank you for their contribution, hard work and a token of pride and accomplishment. I thought that it could also be awarded as a keepsake to a lucky winner of a competition at next year’s BEARDYFEST.

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