Day 9 of dragon construction

Day 9 I started making the eyes. I wanted to play around with the colouring and design of the eyes so I made some practices. To do  this I used acrylic paint a sponge and some spray paint. I knew I wanted them to have a galaxy design but wasn’t sure on the colour or whether or not it should have pupils or not. The audience’s perception and involvement in the dragon is a key specification point for my brief, as at a festival its all about the atmosphere you create and interaction with the public in a convincing way is important. After making these tests I felt no pupil was best. I thought that as the eyes weren’t going to move it would make the dragon look almost vacant and dead. without a pupil it would look like it could be looking at anyone rather than past them. Then I used the practice eye as a template and traced the shape. I felt the green eye would match the colours of the dragon best as CD’s usually have slightly green tint to them.26

finished eyes:


Before mounting the eyes into the head I did a initial layer of paper mache.


I then started building up the bottom lid and fixing the eyes in place. 23

By the end day 9 the dragon has eyes and her character is starting to shine through!


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