Day 8 of dragon construction

Day 8 I started figuring out the support pole for the head. I found this pole from a rotary clothes line I thought the premade pivot section would make a great trigger for the mouth mechanism, with the added bonus that it was a recycled object! I aim to make the dragon out of as much recycled and found materials as possible as Boomtown is who im tailoring this design for and they strive to be as eco friendly as possible. By also being eco friendly where I can be I hope to peak their interest for my final piece.

I cut the sections off using the rotary saw and i had the begining of my handle.



I used a vice to flattern the end ready drill wholes foo the bolts to attach it to the head.


Once attached I realised the head span which I didn’t want so to stop this I added screws to hole it in place. 13

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