Day 6 of dragon construction

Day six saw the start of construction of the head! I started by measuring out the dimensions of the head and scale in relation to the body. I then started by making a basic shape out of chicken wire.

skull/ top jaw:

day 6 aday 6 b

Upper and lower jaw:

day 6 c

day 6 d

I then used a layer of mod rock to create a base of strength whilst still being fairly light weight. I had never used mod rock before and I really enjoyed the process! I found it clung to the wire well and beautifully highlighted the shape. Also the mod rock brought out the shape of the chicken wire under neath. I really love this texture as I feel it quite strongly resembles scales.

day 6 eday 6 f

I left the chicken wire on the inside exposed so I had a means to connect the head to the base pipes on the skeleton.

day 6 gday 6 h

By the end of day 6 the dragon has a head!

day 6 i

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