Day 2 of dragon construction

I started day 2 considering the head and the neck. I bought a 1m flexi mesh hose to act as the neck and to create the mobility I desired.  To connect the hose I needed copper piping so the plastic connectors were compatible with the hose. I cut my copper pipe to my desired length and attached it to the hose. I then fitted that to the inner pipe of the spine. To hold the inner pipe in place I put a screw through both.


I started by creating a basic shape out of piping for the sculpted head to sit on. By bending it in this way it created a sharp edge to make the basic outline for the head. I then bent it to fit into a 3 prong connector to attach it to the neck.

dragon head construction 1

Then I went about figuring out the the mechinism to add tension into the joint to snap the mouth shut. I had made a small puppet mouth mechanism as a practice to figure out the basic principle but translating this from wood to piping would prove to be a harder task than I thought. I took a piece of 28mm pipe and cut down its length and took a section from the back using a hack saw to make a bull dog type clasp similar to my practice attempt from wood. I then screwed this to the base i’d made and to secure it in position I used cable ties which worked really well.

dragon head construction 2

dragon head construction 3

dragon head construction 4

dragon head construction 5

I then went about attaching the base pipe for the bottom jaw. I bent the shorter pipe in half  and cut diagonally across either end using a hack saw so they would sit flat when screwed into the bulldog style pipe.

dragon head construction 6

The mouth mechanism mounted to the neck joint:

dragon head construction 7

dragon head construction 8

All I then had to do was continue the pattern of the ribs up into the neck until I reached my desired width. Here is day 2’s final result:

dragon head construction 9



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