Multi coloured flames!

Once I decided I wanted to make a burning sculpture I knew I wanted it to have some sort of mysticism to it to create a truly awe inspiring effect on an audience. This year my two projects have been concentrating on summer and festival season due to the fact me and my friends are trying to build our own festival. I wanted to make a sculpture for light that represented the magic of this time of year. A large center piece of entertainment for people to gather around and enjoy. So I looked into how one colour possibly change the colour of flames!

I planned on making my sculpture with each ball that represents a chakra burning the colour of that chakra but these chemicals proved very hard to find and expensive to buy. That’s why the above video interested me so much as he is using everyday household materials to colour the flames. With more research I found a page on how to soak wood with chemicals to make different colours:

I spoke to my aunt about it as she is a chemist to see if she could find me what I needed at a reasonable price and advise me on how to do it safely. She told me that even for her these chemicals are expensive and that they are extremely dangerous especially using fire! So I set about looking for another way to add colour to the fire and I found this:

The colours are really effective especially for such a simple design! The upside to using this technique is that I already have piping that I bought for the dragon so it is wildly more cost effective. However a draw back of this is that it changes my design away from the individual colours of each chakra. I still love the idea that the flames could be multicoloured and it will be spectacular to watch either way.

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