Field week 4

Week 4 of field we were in ceramics playing with shadow to inspire form. we started out in groups using objects and an overhead projector to cast shadows on to a large piece of paper. we then traced these forms and moved them and experimented with layering and different props. we especially enjoyed the effect some netting had when casting a shadow and decided to use that as our stimulus. we brainstormed ideas of how to translate that shape into a 3D form and came up with the idea of using hot glue as it has a stringy form. we built it up in sections to create a 3d sculpture here is our outcomes:

feild 5feild 6feild 7feild 8feild 9

we then had to translate this into clay. I used the extruder machine to create long thin strands of clay and paper as a mould to support the delicate shape. however it was too delicate and broke during firing.

feild 10

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